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Windows 8 Tweaker
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Autor:  erik [ 08 Jaan 2014, 20:03 ]
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Ultimate Windows Tweaker 3.0 For Windows 8

1. 175+ Tweaks: Ultimate Windows Tweaker has a lot of tweaks divided in different sections. Most of the tweaks are in check boxes form and others are in buttons and combo boxes forms.
2. Documentation Of Tweaks: Since there are several tweaks, users can’t understand their function by just looking at the label of function. For this we have added a tooltip feature by which when someone moves cursor over a tweak, a small box appears showing the detail of the tweak. If you’re not getting this box, please restart UWT.
3. Ultra Lightweight: 175+ tweaks are packed in only 100 KB of ZIP file.
4. Clean and Easy To Use Interface: UWT 3 has a very clean and easy to use interface using which is very simple.
5. Some Other Functionality: UWT 3 can check for updates, report bugs and go to support page. All this is present in About tab. ... -windows-8

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